Turn your Managers in to COACHES ONE DAY INTENSIVE


Turn your Managers in to COACHES ONE DAY INTENSIVE with COACH BURT
Learn how to get MORE PERFORMANCE from your team and build a true culture of WINNING

Friday July 19, 2019
8:30-2:00 p.m. CST
At The LODGE in TN

For over a decade Coach Micheal Burt built a powerhouse basketball program. He learned the tools and strategies to become one of the top coaches in the country. We are in a new era where team members need to be lead and inspired, not controlled and managed. Teaching a manager how to become a COACH is an art that only those who have won championships really know.


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Send your team of managers to COACH BURT for a FULL day at his LODGE and he will break down:

  • How to tap into the whole person and get more potential out of each team member
  • How to recruit and attract better talent
  • How to coach and develop the talent you have
  • How to retain and insulate the talent you have in a free agent nation
  • How to insert “THUNDERBOLTS” in to a complacent or burned out team
  • How to manage to a “SYSTEM of PERFORMANCE”
  • How to activate the PREY DRIVE in each team member
  • How to move your players into the RIGHT position so they can thrive
  • How to get BUY in to you and the VISION of the TEAM
  • How to handle team dysfunction
  • How to built an emotional toughness in your team to always bounce back and hit their numbers
  • How to connect with the talented but lazy or selfish

Coach Burt knows how to teach you how to be a coach that performs at the highest levels. Send your team members to this workshop and he will send them BACK and ON FIRE with engagement, new tactics and strategy, and the tools they need to build your culture.

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