Living With a Monster Book (includes Living With A Monster Goal Guide)


Living with a driven and ambitious person can be difficult. Their minds never turn off, they are constantly associating ideas and concepts in to their businesses, and they are intense in their actions. Although difficult at times this lifestyle can become incredibly rewarding and fruitful once you understand your Monster and begin to leverage your talents into an intentionally congruent life that is full of excitement, change, and growth. 

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When I married Coach Micheal Burt I married a person who works 14 hour days, writes books on his vacations, and runs at a pace that leaves many dizzy and confused. He attacks every day with a certainty and passion that can both inspire me and exhaust me simultaneously. What I didn’t expect was how he was going to challenge me to dig in and find my true passions and talents and incorporate them into our bigger future together. Today we attack life TOGETHER, not separately. We visioneer. We travel. We expand.
This is my attempt to help others who are “Living with a Monster” to quit resisting or trying to change the other person but rather work in conjunction with them to build something special.

In this book we cover: 
How to understand the mind of a Monster
How to grow together vs. separately
How to find and include your talents in the Monster vision
How to live a life where all parts of your life feeds all parts of your life
How to find out where you fit in to the bigger picture
How to stay in a dynamic and growing state vs. a static state
This book will show you a road map that will expand your thinking and help you to quit competing vs. the work of the Monster and show you how together you can advance confidently in the direction of your dreams. 


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