A unique coaching program to build engaged managers who get more production out of their teams.

Be on the front end of the revolution.

The Program

Never before has it been more obvious that the old command-and-control style of management is obsolete.

Nobody in a knowledge worker era wants to be managed. They do however want to be coached. Like playing for a great coach who is a difference maker in your life, the new era manager can make this transition with help and guidance of someone who specializes in how to activate the potential in people, how to help teams move toward a dominant aspiration with focus and intensity, and how to find and mitigate the common dysfunctions within teams that hold their talents hostage.

Customized In-Person Option*

Turn Your Managers Into Coaches has 12 comprehensive modules to pick and choose from for your team you can go through all 12. This program can be customized into a 2-3 hour session, half-day, full day, or two full days for immersion and intensive.

Online Platform Option

Also offered in online version for managers to work through with live support accountability after each session. Pricing $99/$199 per manager (includes six modules and live monthly support) and all handouts, Power Points, and MP3s.

You are a coach, you are getting coached, or you don’t want a coach.

The Curriculum

The Coaching Revolution (Session 1)

What is the Coaching Revolution and why is it important?

Keep the Engine Going (Motivation) (Session 3)

A deep study into motivation, what de-motivates, and how to keep the engine going in all your team members.

The Crucial Conversation (Session 5)

The Crucial Conversation – the art of addressing unmet expectations quickly and professionally.

Dysfunction Junction (Session 7)

Dysfunction Junction – recognizing, managing, and mitigating common dysfunctions of teams.

Stop the Noise (Session 9)

Stop the Noise – a look into how to build great support teams around the coach to free up “emotional space.”

The Anatomy of Winning (Session 11)

The Anatomy of Winning – the 7 components of a championship culture.

The Whole Person Theory (Session 2)

Activating the potential in the “Whole Person” by understand “The Whole Person Theory.”

How a Great Coach Thinks (Session 4)

What are the differences between coaching, leading, and managing? A new look at the new era coach and how a great coach thinks.

Building the Conscience of the Team (Session 6)

10 great team lessons for the coach trying to build the conscience of the team.

Zebras and Cheetahs (Session 8)

A unique 10-step growth model to move your team toward a dominant focus systematically.

Building High Trust Cultures (Session 10)

There’s nothing faster than the speed of trust- how to build high trust cultures starting with the coach.

Building the Learning Organization (Session 12)

Building the Learning Organization – how to build a machine that keeps on producing.