The Greatness Factory Vision

The Vision of The Greatness Factory

Many times, Coach Micheal Burt gets asked how he won so many games as a former championship women’s basketball coach with a specific methodology he used to grow the knowledge, skills, desire, and confidence of his players. With ongoing and systematic strategies, he “inner engineered” their greatness. Many years later, when asked, he began to answer this question by saying, “We had our own little Greatness Factory.” It was this proven model that prompted him to create a place that takes people from all walks of life and “manufacturers their greatness” in the body (skill), mind (knowledge), heart (desire), and spirit (connection to God/higher purpose). He would call this new place, unlike any other in any market around the world and refer to it as “The Greatness Factory.” Coach Burt would go on to trademark and copyright the phrase “The Greatness Factory” with a vision of having one in cities around the country.
At The Greatness Factory, we believe at some point in everyone’s life–whether prompted by others, a catalyst, or a failure–they make a decision to pursue greatness and their God-given potential. At that curious and humble moment, they go looking for an environment where their talents and passions can thrive and be nurtured at the highest levels. Coach Micheal Burt, business and entrepreneurial coach to some of the top performers in the world, has created a new kind of training and development facility where inspiration meets execution. A place for all four parts of a person’s nature.

The Greatness Factory is equipped with:

1. A 50-person, state-of-the-art training facility for big coaching  programs and rentals for company retreats
2. A gym to work out the body with world class trainers and  health professionals on staff to explain new and alternative  health options
3. A podcast and video studio for rent for podcasts, videos,  testimonials, and promotional items 4. A dream room to play “pitch and catch” with a top coach on  how to start, grow, or work through the complicated aspects  of your business
5. A spa to rest and relax, think on your business, or have  conversations with other business people
6. 4 offices for RENT for business owners who want to be in close proximity to progressive people
7. A full kitchen for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks  throughout the day
8. A sales bullpen for you to learn from some of the top sales  professionals in the world and watch live selling
9. A rooftop experience to host private events, wind down to  music, or mingle with other like minded professionals
10. Shared office space for you to rent so you don’t have the  overhead of big office complexes and can place yourself in a  “hub of energy” daily

You no longer need to go thousands of miles away or spend thousands of dollars to step in to your greatness. Come to your local Greatness Factory.

With plans to expand in cities around the world, The Greatness Factory is a one-of-a-kind coaching destination location that offers differentiated coaching programs for specific demographics of growth-minded individuals including:

1. Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small business owners with our most elite coaching program called “Monster Producer”
2. Sales professionals in our various sales schools
3. Managers in our “Manager’s Camp” featuring our programs “Turn your Managers into Coaches” and “Good Coach/Bad Coach”
4. Growth-oriented businesses and individuals in our “Membership models” with yearly access to monthly trainings, the gym, shared office space, and events
5. Growth-oriented individuals who want to nourish the body, mind, heart, and spirit
6. Elementary, High School, and College aged students in our “Greatness Factory for kids“- A unique academy that teaches students how to thrive in a modern and competitive world.

The Greatness Factory offers these programs both in person and online and even delivers coaching sessions directly to your phone weekly. We believe that “everybody needs a coach in life” and have created an environment specifically designed to coach and develop your talents.