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Coach Burt is a different kind of coach.  He is known as “The Million Dollar Machine” that has taken his decade of intensity, focus, and relentless pursuit of more impact and created programs to help you surpass your goals. Those coached by Coach Burt routinely show a 43% or more increase in sales in year one. Remember, EVERYBODY NEEDS A COACH IN LIFE!


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I am still hearing multiple thanks for your presentation. It touched many hearts, spirits, minds, and bodies of Cannon County Schools and got there attention to mentor ALL their WHOLE students. My deepest of appreciation for your commitment to help Cannon County Schools and OUR most important reason of our existence: OUR STUDENTS!! Your partnership is sincerely appreciated! I personally feel motivated even more to make a difference in the lives of EVERY student!!


Since joining Monster Producer in October 2018, I have had the largest months I have ever had. I have finished top 10 in January and February. February was my biggest month ever! The slowest and shortest month of the year! I was well over plan…and my plan had increased 40% over last year.

While these are tangible results…what you can’t see or measure is how much happier I am doing my job. I felt I was “stale” and needed something fresh. Although I am still learning, I can definitely feel renewed motivation and positivity.

Dana C Abernathy, CMB

Loved the Webinar this morning!! I loved it so much that I watched both of them!! Great nuggets taken from both!! I love the early morning webinars even though it is very early here on the West Coast (Seattle), but I am an early to arrive and stay late person anyway!! Keep the early am classes coming!!

Starts my day of with positivity and excitement to look forward to becoming a Monster in my field!!

Thank you again for all you do for us!!

Julie Page, DVM

I increased my personal income by 123%!

And I just did my first $10K speaking engagement! My wife Jennifer also hit Diamond with doTERRA and her impact has grown significantly. Super proud of and happy for her.

The biggest deal though is we had a good time doing it all. 2017 was difficult on our relationship. The stress got to us and we were disconnected more than connected. 2018 was about making progress AS FUN AS POSSIBLE. I’m done stressing my way forward. I found the flow.

Thank you, Coach Burt, for the help, inspiration, and coaching.

Chance Scoggins

Started the Micheal Burt’s Coaching program 5 years ago: 5 years ago: 13 million in portfolios, Largest deal closed 1.25 million, 1 revenue stream, and I weighed 240 lbs. 2018: 3 billion in portfolios, largest deal closed 20 million, 5 streams of revenue, and I weigh 183 lbs (57 lbs lost). My wife bought Pilates studio and in 5 months increased her monthly contracts by 44%.

Coach Burt’s program impacts all aspects of your life and others around you. #BeAMonster

Clayton Whitaker, My Deal Capital

Thanks to Micheal Burt’s Coaching Program, I closed 18 transactions in 2017 and 37 closed transactions for 2018. How’s that for “monster” growth?!

Chad, Chad Williams Real Estate

I went from being a nobody in my market 6 years ago to being one of the top players in the real estate space. From not having a voice to developing a platform to influence many many people, and much of that change was thanks to you, coach!

Evan Stewart, Real Estate

Micheal Burt, you are an amazing coach but more than that, an amazing man! It has been an absolute pleasure knowing you and working alongside you these past couple of years creating a Monster Operations experience. You have been such an integral part of our success and more than a colleague, I value you as a friend.

Laura B. Fellman, SVP, Operations

2017 – $887,000 (was an employee at my own company. 2018 – $2.2 million no longer a technician (unless I choose to be) rather the owner.

Daniel Hodges – Hodges Landscape & Tree Service